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The Connecticut Renassaince Faire

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O.k., so I know every event I blog about I tell you about how awesome and unique it is, but seriously there are not many places you will attend in CT as awesome and unique as the CT Ren Faire.  I'm sure most of you have this vision of stepping into a live-action roll playing game and in all honesty there are certainly moments when that is the case (and it's awesome!) but in reality the Ren Faire offers so much more than just fun get-ups and fake English accents.  Plus for those of you who are like myself and don't like playing dress up you will find comfort in the fact that dressing up is not required to attend and certainly not required to have a good time.  With that said check out some photos from our trip to the Faire:

Some of the attire is quite authentic.  In order to stay in character though they made sure their food was as well.  Gruel anyone?

56366134.jpgOne word for you all out there.  Do not play any games of chance with these ladies.  You will lose and by lose I mean be forced into marriage and life as a gypsy...o.k. so maybe that's not that bad.

56366177.jpgI'm not going to lie to you.  This man frightened me.     



Someone once asked me afterwards what my favorite part of the Ren Faire was.  I almost blurted out the word "Cleavage!" but gained my composure at the last moment.  (Seriously though, lots and lots of cleavage.)


Say hello to the Queen of Hearts loyal subjects.  Possibly more important say hello to the guy stuck in the wall in the background you could pay $2 to throw tomatoes at.  He deserved it though as he said one of our travelling party looked like a homeless person (I mean, it's true but you shouldn't say such things out loud.) 


This is our street team member Dragan.  He was put in the stocks for a myriad of reasons, including "tomfoolery" and "shenanigans".  If we were a newspaper or a different TV station we might call this photo "A Dragan is Captured at The Ren Faire" but we aren't, so we won't. 


The photos probably don't even do the Ren Faire justice. I have to tell you that if you are looking for an awesome day filled with jousting, amazing food and a guy you can throw tomatoes at for insulting you then you best be getting on your trusty steed and heading to Hebron. 

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