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Chet's Black Wednesday Black Out Tour

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So I won't be blogging at all this weekend because I'll be sleeping to prep for this week.  Not only do we have the Manchester Road Race on Thursday morning, but the night before is extra special for those who like to imbibe.  "Black Wednesday" as it is lovingly called, has become a right of passage for those who like to get stupid drunk for no reason other than it's a night before a holiday...and we plan on taking as many pictures of the debauchery as possible.  So the following is a working list of all the places we plan on pit-stopping in Hartford to grab photos.  So if you want to be famous (and by famous I mean have your photo taken with a giant green and white head and thrown up on a website) then look for Chet and his ladies on Wednesday night at one of these following locales:

The Russell - Pratt St.

Tamarand Grill - Pratt St.

Vaughn's - Pratt St.

Room 960 - Main St.

City Steam - Main St.

McKinnon's - Asylum St.

Pig's Eye - Asylum St.

Pour House - Allyn St.

Palace - Allyn St.

Black Bear - Allyn St.

Up or On the Rocks - Allyn st.

Federal Café - Union Place


It's a working list so changes may be made but there's a pretty good chance that your friend Chet will be out taking photos at one of these fine establishments when you walk in the door.  See you then!



Where can we find these chet pics!?!

All the photos frm Chet's tour can be found in the gallery here:,0,2350156.photogallery

or by going to They are on the home page as well.

Happy clicking!

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